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There are several Server options for connecting TAK Products to one another.

  • FreeTAKServer is an open source project for consumer and hobbiest use led by reddit user u/Tapawingos. You can find it on GitHub here. Note that FTS has not implemented encryption. If you want your connection to be secure, you need to run a VPN which is inconvenient.
  • TAKServer is an application in Java developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and BBN, a Raytheon Corporation. TAKServer is not publicly available, but a list of TAKServer TAK Licensees who might host you is available. If you are a First Responder, you can access it by registering at TAKMAPS.com.
  • PAR Team Connect TeamConnect is a cloud-based computing technology that provides Geospatial awareness solutions for organizations using the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK).
  • ZeroTAKServer. ZeroTAKServer isn't a server. Its a serverless configuration that allows a small network of ATAK/CivTAK users to communicate over a VPN.

TAK Licensees

Several companies have licensed TAK from AFRL and may be willing to setup, manage, and train users on CivTAK and TAKServer. Licensees have access to TAKServer.

Apply for a license through the Air Force's licensing arm, TechLink, here.

Techlink's list of Licensees is here. As of April 10, 2020, there are 32 licensees who are interested in offering some such service to the public.