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This page contains links to MapSources that are compatible with ATAK.

Please don't post links to sites for which pulling their tiles would be a violation of their terms of service. We don't want them getting mad at us.


CivTAK's MapSources format is based on MOBAC, so any MOBAC-compatible MapSource will work in ATAK or CivTAK by placing the .xml file in the atak/imagery/mapsources directory either on internal memory or on your SD Card (if you have one).

Tested Map Sources

Below are a partial list of map sources which have been tested and verified to work, along with the date tested. , and a comment about the source.

  • National Oceanagraphic Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) This mapSource gives maps of water areas in the United States. Its very slow, so I recommend using MOBAC and creating an offline map of your area even if you will have internet access. It works as of 10 April 2020.

Untested Map Sources

Below is are links to possible map sources. These sources have not been tested. They may not work well, they may not work at all, or there may be limitations on whether or how many tiles they allow to be pulled in any particular time frame. You are completely on own for these. Use them at your own risk.

  • MOBAC Map Sources on GIT. Joshua Fuller (PacketRacket) went through MOBAC and pulled out the Map Sources from that application and made them publicly available.