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Overlay Manager sorts map objects, files and overlays into categories and subcategories. Select the [Overlay Manager] icon to bring up the list of categories. These include: Teams by color, Alerts, Markers, Data Packages, Navigation, Shapes as well as other file types. Selecting a category will open a detailed listing of the items available in that category. The available items within each category are annotated on the menu entry, allowing the user to reference sub-menu content.

When a displayed item in a specific category is selected, the map view will pan to that item and its radial will display.

Users may turn visibility of any category on and off through the circular radio buttons. When the circle appears green, the corresponding layer objects are visible. A half-filled circle indicates that the subcategory has some, but not all, objects visible. A hollow circle corresponds to layer that is not visible. The objects in a category can be sorted alphabetically or by proximity to the self-marker.

If the [Show All] checkbox is left unchecked, Overlay Manager will filter map items listed based on the current map view.

The user may search the available overlays by selecting the [Search] icon in the main Overlay Manager toolbar. Select specific categories of overlays to narrow the search results.

Here's a video with a tour of the overlay manager.