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The Import Manager

Select the [Import Manager] icon to import supported files into the TAK application from an SD card or via the network. From the Select Import Type interface dropdown that appears, the user can select [Local SD], [KML Link], [HTTP URL] or choose a different application. Select [LOCAL SD] to import from a folder residing on the internal or external SD card. Navigate to the folder from where files are to be imported. Various types of files can be imported via Import Manager including: ATAK configuration, ATAK Data package zip files, DTED, imagery and overlay files.

Imagery file types that are supported include XML, SQLite, GeoPackage with imagery, CADRG, CIB, ECRG, GeoTiff, JPG2000, KMZ with imagery, MrSid, NTIF and PFPS. Overlay file types that are supported include DRW, GPX, KML, KMZ, LPT and Shape. Dependent on file type, most imported files will be accessible via Maps and Favorites, Overlays or Data Package.

Some file extensions, like ZIP or GPX files for example, may result in a prompt for the user to select which import method to use.