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TAKFreeServer is a open source Python3 software implementation of a TAK server for consumer and hobbyist use. It is built using python stdlib libraries and supports both Windows and Linux-like platforms. The implementation aims to support all major use cases of a TAK server.

Initially created in February 2020 by reddit user u/Tapawingos under the name TAKlib it's development and deployment grew rapidly over the next 2 months and quickly reached it's Alpha phase and it's first functional implementations. Later in February u/Tapawingos was joined by reddit user u/K0rv0 and github user naman108 who took up the project and developed the first functional iterations of TAKFreeServer after u/Tapawingos had to leave the project due to work.


run the following command in a terminal:

 git clone
 cd TAKLib

FTS Documentation

You will find current FreeTAKServer documentation on GitHub here and FreeTAKServer user documentation here. The Git page also includes Installation instructions with command line options, a Docker image

Public FTS

(As of June 28 2020)

The FTS developers have setup a public FTS instance for experimental use.

The Public server is an instance of FTS made available for you to test and play with. We are not going to spy on you, but keep in mind that information will be shared with all the connected users. For production consider to install your own instance.

Server rules

   Please be respectful of others
   This is a free service, but that cost money, do NOT upload huge data packages
   Until the 1.0 stable release, we will use the server to test new features, that means it can not be accessible during certain periods
   Failure to respect those rules will be punished by our Killer Pirate Parrot, you have been warned

Configure ATAK for FreeTakServer on the public server Download required files

The easiest way is to open this article in your Android phone, so that all the files will be already available there.

   Download and install ATAK 4.0
   Download the configuration

   Download the basic maps

   Optional: Download additional maps Configure using import manager

   Start ATAK on android
   Tap the “...”
   Tap Import manager
   Tap “Local SD”
   Go to the place where you have downloaded the files
   select “” and “”
   Optionally select “”
   Click OK
   A message will appear to inform you that you are are connected to the FTS Official (public) server

Configure using settings

   Tap ...
   Tap settings
   Go to TAK servers
   Click add
   Click advanced options
   Select TCP as streaming protocol
   Use this address:
   Server port : 8087
   No user name or password is required

External links

TAKFreeServer github