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Documentation & Tutorials

Video Turorials

There are currently several video tutorial series for learning ATAK/CivTAK.

Video Tutorial Resources

Adding Map sources and DTED Data

  • Adding custom XML map sources.
  • Adding GeoTIFF maps.
  • How to load DTED data to ATAK.
  • How to import ESRI Shapefiles.
  • How to import Google KML/KMZ files.

Exporting Data from ATAK

  • How to export ATAK data to Google KMZ/KML files.

Customizing TAK

Joining a TAK Server

  • How to connect to TAKFreeServer.
  • How to connect to TAK Server (1.3-above).
    • Truststores & Passwords
    • SSL Configuration

Troubleshooting Installation Problems