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CivTAK has a Software Development Kit which makes CivTAK extensible in many dimensions.

(Note: Each of these should have their own page).

Plugins which have been developed for civilian use: (These should each have a separate page when this is fleshed out).

  • Beartooth. BearTooth has a CivTAK plugin for its off-grid radio, which they call "The world's smartest walkie talkie".
  • goTenna. goTenna has three plugins for CivTAK. One each for their Personal, Pro and ProX off-grid radios. goTenna is a TAK Licensee.
  • Wave Relay. Persistent Systems has integrated CivTAK into its product, especially its MPU5. Persistent Systems is a TAK Licensee.

Plugins that are deployed with CivTAK 4.0 (But Not CivTAK-PR)

These plugins are included in the CivTAK 4.0 release. They are also included in the PR Release, but they are not compatible with that version.

  • GeoTAKCam. Gives an estimate of the location you are looking on the map. Included with CivTAK 4.0.
  • Image Markup. Image markup allows users to mark up images, either from the camera or screenshots.
  • Network Monitor.
  • NightVison. Changes the light output so that it is possible to read ATAK in very dark situations without ruining your night vision or with Night Vision Goggles on. Included with CivTAK 4.0
  • Serial Manager. Included with CivTAK 4.0.
  • TAK ICU. A Peer to Peer video camera integrated with CivTAK.

Other plugins for civilian use which are not yet publicly available, but are available to First Responders from the official web site

  • ADSB. In combination with an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver, connected by either Bluetooth or USB, places the ADS-B feed on the map. Here is a public video showing how the ADSB plugin was used during Hurricane Maria.
  • DSM Manager. Allows users to import and use Digital Surface Models. DSMs can be generated by using personal Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) such as those produced by DJI.
  • GRG Builder. Builds a search grid around an are. Useful for searches.
  • Reports. Builds reports.
  • UAS Tool. A plugin to control you small UAS, such as DJIs. Provides a Sensor Point of Interest from the UAS.
  • VISCA Cam. Plugin to control the VISCA Cam camera.
  • Track Export. Exports tracks.
  • WXReport. Places a current commercial weather source overlayed on the map.