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The Civilian Team Awareness Kit (Civ-TAK) is a Government-off-the-Shelf (GOTS) software application and mapping framework for mobile devices. Civ-TAK has been designed and developed to run on Android smart devices used in a first responder environment. The Civ-TAK software application is an extensible moving map display that integrates Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial imagery, map and overlay information to provide enhanced collaboration and Situational Awareness (SA) over a tactical meshed network. Civ-TAK promotes information flow and communications from the field environment to command enterprise locations. The magnifier buttons allow the user to zoom in on the map by tapping the magnifier with the plus. To zoom out, the user can tap on the magnifier with the minus. Additionally, the user can use two fingers on the screen to pinch and zoom in or out on the map. A Long Press on the map is used to hide and reveal the Action Bar. The Civ-TAK North Arrow has two primary modes: North up/Track up and Manual map rotation &angle lock. Long pressing on the needle will switch between the two modes, while single pressing will cycle between the Northup/Track up, and Manual rotation/lock respectively. Alerts and notifications are available in the notification region of the Civ-TAK map interface. The padlock icon can be used to lock to self. Map orientation can be used to rotate the screen position from portrait to landscape. The Map Scale displays a 1 inch to mi/km reference on the map. The scale adjusts with the map when zoomed in and out. The optional connection widget indicates whether or not the user is connected to a TAK Server. This has a corresponding Android notification that provides the same information. Civ-TAK includes informational text designed to assist the user with the application. Hint windows are available to alert users to changes or make suggestion about the use of tools the first time they are opened.